Sponsoring hledger

hledger comes from many thousands of skilled person-hours, and sustained effort over 14+ years. (Building and supporting good software and documentation requires a lot of time and life energy.) We loved doing it and it is given to you with love. And, just like you we have... expenses.

So may I ask you to consider:

  • Has this project been helpful to you or your organisation ?

  • Would you like hledger to be around for a long time ? To remain actively supported ? To improve faster ?

  • Would you like to help our core mission ?

    Help more people achieve financial literacy, discipline and freedom.
    Help grow a shared world-wide culture of accountability and solvency.

If so, I invite you to join us by contributing financially at some level. Thank you !

  • Sponsor Simon (project leader): github liberapay paypal
  • Sponsor particular tasks with bounties. Here are several ways:
    • Post a bounty pledge on an issue; pay when resolved (honour system, simplest).
    • Post a bounty on bountysource bounties for a specific issue (not the hledger team); announce it on the issue page; manage payment through Bountysource UI.
    • Make an earmarked donation to our collective describing the bounty; maintainer will approve the claimant's expense request when bounty is satisfied (similar to https://hledger.org/regressionbounty).