Sponsoring hledger

Building and supporting good software and documentation is very costly; hledger comes from many thousands of skilled person-hours, sustained over 15+ years. Your support is invaluable and greatly appreciated! Is it the right time for you to help ? Consider:

  • Has this project been helpful to you or your organisation ?

  • Have you achieved enough financial success to be able to donate a little (or a lot) ?

  • Would you like to cultivate the psychological and spiritual benefits of giving back / paying forward ?

  • Would you like hledger to be around for a long time ? To remain actively supported ? To improve faster ?

  • Would you like to support our core mission ? Which is:

    To help more people achieve financial literacy, discipline and freedom, and to help grow a shared global culture of accountability and sustainability.
    (See also: FAQ)

How to sponsor

It's easy, even if not yet as efficient as we'd like. Neither hledger project nor our fiscal host is a registered charity, so your donations may not be tax-deductible, and the CFO (Simon) pays US and state income tax on all donations, in addition to the fees below.

Our fiscal host on Open Collective is The Open Source Collective, "a non-profit umbrella organisation providing financial and legal infrastructure for thousands of open source projects". So their fee is at least a sort of donation to support free/open-source software.

These donations are private and help support Simon. You can also support by offering me bounties or consulting gigs.

  • github (Fees: 0%)
  • liberapay (Fees: ~3%)
  • paypal (Fees: ~3%)
  • You can find their names at CREDITS, check their website/Github profile, and offer donations, bounties or paid work.

These donations are public and reported with hledger. They are deployed by the CFO (Simon), with input from the hledger team and community. So far, project funds have been used for project expenses, regression bounties, and one social good donation.

  • liberapay (Fees: ~3%)
  • opencollective (Fees: ~3%/$0.59 payment processor + 10% fiscal host)
  • issue bounty (simplest)
    • post a bounty pledge on an open issue
    • when resolved, pay the claimant directly (honour system).
  • bountysource bounty
    • search for the issue you want to sponsor
    • add some bounty to it
    • post a comment on the issue announcing the bounty
    • when resolved, pay through Bountysource.
  • opencollective bounty


We thank you, our generous sponsors, for your support, including: