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by the pioneering John Wiegley, who opened up this territory with Ledger,

and by the innumerable other benefactors making it all possible.

Commit authors

10080 commits in 14 years by 143 people as of 2021-08-29:

CommitsAuthorNotes (chat me with updates!)
8748Simon Michaelfounder, project leader, lead developer
334Stephen Morganperformance, code cleanup, runtime error removal, cli/ui output, periodic transactions, parsing, deps, valuation, --gain report, hlint, lensification...
158Dmitry Astapovroi, files commands; --transpose; merge/improve --budget; generalise --forecast/--auto; docker packaging; improved CSV parsing, balancing, periodic transactions, close, parsing, docs, tests...
81Vladimir Zhelezovnew bash shell completions
72Alex Chenparsing improvements, code cleanups, better error messages; dep updates
52Mykola Orliukhledger-budget, hledger-prices addons; scientific number notation; print, hledger-equity, hledger-rewrite, --pivot, space, parsing improvements; code updates; GHC 8.0 support
50Jakob Schöttlbash completions; register --invert; timeclock parsing improvements; code cleanups
40Everett Hildenbrandtdoc toolchain updates, switch from hakyll to pandoc; csv parser improvement
31Jakub Zárybnickýhledger-web, hledger-ui improvements
29Marko Kocićbuild, hlint fixes; hledger-web improvement
26Dominik Süßhledger-web layout improvements
26Justin Lebs/cf/is improvements
24Thomas R. Kollhledger-web improvements
17Peter Simonsbuild, dep fixes
17Joseph Westonparsing improvements; test, dep updates
16Aleksandar DimitrovCSV separator rule
15Nolan DarilekSandstorm app
14Brian Wignalloutput dates in YYYY-MM-DD format
12Tim Dockerparsing improvements; proper date support; P directive (first code contributor, 2008-11)
11Jesse Rosenthalparsing improvementss
11Trygve Laugstølhledger-web improvements; --format; CSV --rules-file, stdin support, separate in/out fields, interpolated description; test updates
11Lawrence--commodity-column; multi-day-of-week period expressions
10Julien Moutinhoprint CSV output; hledger-equity, hledger-rewrite, hledger-web, parsing improvements; hledger-check-dates addon
10Nick Ingoliainclude directive, account directive; parsing improvements (second code contributor, 2008-12)
10Henning Thielemannhledger-web improvements, quarter periods, code cleanup
10Caleb Maclennanpayees/notes/descriptions commands; print improvement; doc, code, test updates
9Eli Flanaganhledger-web date picker; build, doc updates
9Ryan Desfosseswarnings, docs, hledger-web fixes
8Imulisupport multiple input files
8Nicholas Nirobalancesheetequity command; balance tests, fix
8Moritz Kiefer--pretty-tables; dep updates; switch to megaparsec; cabal.project file; space leak fixes
7Hans-Peter Deifeldep updates; csv rules parsing fix; command line parsing improvements
7Jacob WeiszSandstorm app improvements
7Felix Yandep updates; doc updates
6Roman Cheplyakachart command; hledger add improvements; --no-new-accounts
6Gaith Hallakundo (<) in hledger add; command line parsing improvement
6Samuel Maymulticommodity balance assertions
6Clint AdamsCSV account2 setting; dep updates; cabal test suites
5Jacek Generowiczcommand line parsing fix
5Martin Michlmayrdoc updates
5Xinruo Sunhledger-web --static-root; hledger-web autocomplete improvements; hledger print tag filtering
5Eric Mertens--pretty-tables improvements; CSV whitespace fix
4Michael Snoymanhledger-web improvements
4Sergey Astaninunicode support
4Damien Cassoupayee directive, check improvements, info manual directory entries
3Eric Kowhledger add improvements
3Michael Sanders& (AND) operator in CSV if rules
3Carlos Lopez-Cameyhledger-web add form improvements
3Christian G. Wardencashflow tweaks; hledger-rewrite (auto postings) commodity substitution
3Johannes Gererbalance assignments; generalise parser types
2Elijah Cainegit/nix tweaks
2Stefano Rodighierohledger-dupes addon
2Ben Creasydoc updates
2Sergei Trofimovichbounds, build updates
2Sam Jeevesbalance assertion line number reporting
2Christoph Nicolaidoc updates
2aragaerfix commodity checking fix; fix --drop with csv
2Judah Jacobsonreadline editing, tab completion in hledger add
2Pavlo Keresteyquoting fixes
2Gergely Riskocomment directive
2crocketimprove hledger-ui editor support
2Arsen Arsenovićhledger-web XSS fix
2Gwern Branwenwhitespace, Haskell98 cleanups
2Max Bolingbrokeunicode-aware regexes; csv date-format rule
2jungle-boogietutorial updates
2Arnout Engelenhledger-web register chart improvements
2Matthias Kauerinvestment doc improvements
2Alejandro García Montorohledger-web --cors
1Aiken Cairncross
1Alan Young
1Alvaro Fernando García
1Amitai Burstein
1Andreas Pauley
1Andrew Jones
1Andriy Mykhaylyk
1Arjen Langebaerd
1Ben Boeckel
1Boyd Kelly
1Brian Scott
1Bryan Richter
1Carel Fellinger
1Carl Richard Theodor Schneider
1Colin Woodbury
1Daniel Gröber
1David Reaver
1David Zhang
1Doug Goldstein
1Felix Van der Jeugt
1Fun Ilrys (Nissar Chababy)
1Gabriel Ebner
1Garret McGraw
1Jan Zerebecki
1Jeff Richards
1Joachim Breitner
1Joe Horsnell
1Johann Klähn
1John Wiegley
1Joshua Chia
1Joshua Kehn
1Kyle Marek-Spartz
1Lawrence Wu
1Luca Molteni
1Léo Gaspard
1M Parker
1Malte Brandy
1Mark Hansen
1Mateus Furquim
1Michael Kainer
1Michael Walker
1Mick Dekkers
1Mitchell Rosen
1Nicolas Wavrant
1Nikhil Jha
1Nissar Chababy
1Oliver Braun
1Omari Norman
1Pavan Rikhi
1Pia Mancini
1Rick Lupton
1Rui Chen
1Sam Doshi
1Shubham Lagwankar
1Simon Hengel
1Steven R. Baker
1Vladimir Sorokin