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My vision for the hledger project has always been for it to be "accountable" and "self-sustaining", possibly through new forms of incentivisation. Classic non-monetary FOSS communities are a beautiful and precious thing. Adding money can change their dynamic. Yet, we would enjoy having a lot more issues resolved, and a faster rate of progress. So we experiment, gently.

Currently we use bounties as a way to encourage resolution of issues. There are a few ways to do this:

  1. You or your organisation can offer a bounty simply by saying so on the issue.

  2. You can use Bountysource. A few hledger bounties have been completed there.

  3. You can use the new Open Collective process below.

Issues with bounties of any kind are marked with the bounty label. The Bounty Manager is @simonmichael.

New bounty process

It currently looks like this, and will evolve:

  • Issues are marked as bounties by @simonmichael. Feel free to suggest additional issues which should receive the bounty label.

  • Bounties are paid from the hledger project's public Open Collective fund. By contributing to the fund as an individual or organisation, you enable more bounties.

  • These OC bounties (unlike 1 and 2 above) have standard amounts. These may be adjusted over time, depending eg on the state of our funds. Our current bounty amounts are

    • level 1: 10 USD
    • level 2: 25 USD
    • level 3: 50 USD
  • When you complete a bounty, submit an expense to Open Collective, for whichever of the above bounty amounts you think appropriate, based eg on time or expertise spent, how much you need it, how much remains in our fund for other bounties, etc. This will be reviewed by OC and (maybe ?) @simonmichael. Successful claims, like donations, will appear in our public OC ledger.

Our bounty amounts are small, and nothing like professional rates in most countries, but they still establish a principle of sustainability, and help us to experiment. You are encouraged to claim your bounties, though you can also choose to transfer them to a new issue of your choice.