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What is this ?

hledger is free cross-platform accounting software, for folks new to accounting and also for power users. It's good for tracking money, time, investments, cryptocurrencies, inventory and more, with high accuracy, flexibility and privacy. It is one of the best implementations of Plain Text Accounting.

I'm Simon Michael, hledger project leader and plaintextaccounting.org maintainer. Welcome!


Which docs are best to read ?

General FAQ, Why hledger ?, Install, Getting Started Guide, hledger manual, Support/Discussion.

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The plaintextaccounting.org site has a more general introduction to Plain Text Accounting, and links to other resources, including hledger-related blog posts.

How is this funded ?

hledger is brought to you by Simon Michael and 140+ contributors. I have been building and relying on this project continuously since 2007, funded mostly by unrelated consulting work. I hope you too will find it useful in transforming your relationship with time and money. When you have achieved some success, please consider joining the sponsors to support the project. Thanks!

Where should I go next ?

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