Roadmap / Wishlist

Ideas about where the hledger project should be going next, as of 2019q4. Discussion welcome.


Dated targets we are aiming for:

  • hledger 1.16 - 2019-12-01

    • ghc 8.8 support

    • more powerful CSV conversion

    • updated home page, faq, manuals

    • reduce install hassles with terminfo C lib


Current priorities for the project, grouped under four overarching themes:


Improving the docs.

  • home & faq

  • manuals (more discoverability on web)

  • contrib guide (include readmes, update)

  • cookbook docs (survey, plan, update)


Improving approachability, just-works quality, practicality, real-world usefulness.

  • ghc 8.8, stackage nightly

  • install issues (C libs..)

  • more powerful CSV conversion

  • fill out holes in feature matrix


Adding charts and more visual appeal.

  • console charts, basic bar charts

  • clarify architecture/UI for charts

  • graphical charts using Chart and/or Vega

  • review/design/add more attractive default output (see taskwarrior)


Improving suitability for investment tracking. #1015

  • easy price fetching

  • lots

  • capital gains

  • ?


A few high-level maintainer wishes, by topic. Discussing/moving any of these forward is a big help.


  • build the contributor/dev guide from plus the READMEs; clean up

  • move general PTA docs to

  • simplify manuals’ TOC/structure on the website


  • migrate to tasty, unblock ghc 8.8 support

  • survey/document current testing setup (process, coverage, redundancy..); identify weaknesses; design a policy for tests; make a plan for achieving that

  • start adding property tests/other new kinds of testing if appropriate


Some project achievements to unlock, for fun:

  • 1.0 release

  • packaged in major distros, binaries available

  • pretty good reference docs

  • 100 committers

  • 1k github stars

  • among top 50 haskell projects by github stars

  • discussed on Hacker News

  • match ledger IRC channel

  • multiple people providing support

  • pretty good tutorial docs

  • mentioned in “what good Haskell software exists” discussions

  • pretty good cookbook docs

  • 100 IRC chatters

  • 2k github stars

  • among top 40 haskell projects by github stars

  • match ledger speed

  • match ledger committers

  • 200 committers

  • 2.0 release

  • match ledger stars

  • match beancount mail list

  • match ledger mail list