Ideas about where the hledger project should be going next. Being listed here suggests a bit of commitment, perhaps even a schedule.


Next Targets

Past Targets

  1. hledger 1.19, 2020-09-01

    account transactions register, stricter/more correct handling of unbalanced multicommodity transactions (#1177), Track & show deposited lots (#1022), Report unrealized capital gains/losses (#1029)

  2. hledger 1.18, 2020-06-01

    more effective CI setup, updated home page, quickstart, tutorials etc., negative matching in CSV rules,

  3. hledger 1.17, 2020-03-01

    field matching in CSV rules, reduce install hassles with terminfo C lib (?), more import/export options, simple console charts, refreshed home page, faq, tutorials, manuals,

  4. hledger 1.16, 2019-12-01

    ghc 8.8 support, more powerful CSV conversion, updated home page, faq, manuals, reduce install hassles with terminfo C lib

2020 Priorities


Improve the docs.

  • home & faq
  • manuals (more discoverable structure of web manuals)
  • cookbook docs (survey, plan, update)
  • contrib guide (update, build from readmes)


Improve getting-started experience, just-works quality, practicality, real-world usefulness.

  • ghc 8.8, get back in stackage nightly
  • install issues (C libs..)
  • more powerful CSV conversion
  • fill out holes in feature matrix


Improve suitability for investment tracking (#1015)

  • market price inference from transactions
  • easy market price fetching
  • lot tracking
  • capital gains reporting


Add charts and more visual appeal.

  • console charts, basic bar charts
  • clarify architecture/UI for charts
  • graphical charts using Chart/matplotlib/hvega
  • review/design/add more attractive/colourful output (see eg taskwarrior)


More support for enforcing correctness & accounting rules.

  • account names
  • commodity symbols
  • payees
  • notes/descriptions ?
  • account lifetimes ?
  • account balance conditions ?
  • transaction templates ?