Change account name separator

Timedot format makes me want to use dots (.) for separating account components, instead of colon (:). For example, instead of fos:hledger:timedot I'd like to write fos.hledger.timedot. We can use the powerful account aliases feature to rewrite account names before hledger's account name parser sees them.

In journal files, we can use an alias directive. Note the backslash which tells the regular expression engine it's a literal . not a wildcard:

alias /\./=:

2008/01/01 income  $1

Check that subaccounts are recognised:

$ hledger -f t.journal bal --no-elide
                  $1  assets
                  $1    bank
                  $1      checking
                 $-1  income
                 $-1    salary

Alias directives aren't supported in the timedot format,

fos.hledger.timedot  2
fos.ledger           1

so we would use the --alias command line option instead. The second backslash tells the shell that's a literal backslash, not a shell escape sequence:

$ hledger --alias /\\./=: -f t.timedot bal --no-elide
                3.00  fos
                2.00    hledger
                2.00      timedot
                1.00    ledger