Freelancers and businesses send invoices to clients to request payment.

See common journal entries and


With invoices and payments recorded as above, you can track unpaid invoices:

$ hledger bal receivable:supercompany

or list all invoices and payments:

$ hledger areg receivable:supercompany

or just invoices:

$ hledger areg receivable:supercompany amt:'>0'

or just payments:

$ hledger areg receivable:supercompany amt:'<0'

Creating Invoices

How to translate the data from your ledger into a professional-looking invoice you can send to clients ?

You can create the invoice manually or semi-manually, eg using a tool like Freshbooks, and copy-paste the numbers in.

Or you can automate this somehow. There are few ready-made tools for this, because needs are so diverse.

But you'll find some useful starter scripts in hledger's examples/invoicing directory.

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