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PTA website plaintextaccounting.org introduces plain text accounting generally (not hledger-specific).

Chat rooms The #hledger chat room on Matrix is the best place for quick help and feedback. Follow the link and choose a Matrix client (eg the web, desktop or mobile versions of Element are good). There's also a general #plaintextaccounting room.

Or, you can join the #hledger chat on Libera IRC (older, less features). To speak, you might need to register. There's also #plaintextaccounting on Libera.

Mail list The hledger mail list; low traffic with about 200 subscribers.
Read: list.hledger.org
Join: [email protected]
Send: [email protected]

Issue tracker bugs.hledger.org (bugs only)
issues.hledger.org (all issues)
open issues by category
website issues

Reddit /r/plaintextaccounting

Mastodon #hledger and #plaintextaccounting

Hacker News stories and comments

Youtube videos (or plaintextaccounting.org's list)

Stack Exchange [hledger] on money.stackexchange.com

Twitter #hledger and #plaintextaccounting

Maintainer email [email protected]