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Release notes

Based on the hledger, hledger-web & hledger-lib change logs.

hledger 0.23.2 (2014/5/8)

  • register: also fix date sorting of postings (#184)

hledger 0.23.1 (2014/5/7)

  • register: fix a refactoring-related regression that the tests missed: if transactions were not ordered by date in the journal, register could include postings before the report start date in the output. (#184)
  • add: don’t apply a default commodity to amounts on entry (#138)
  • cli: options before the add-on command name are now also passed to it (#182)
  • csv: allow the first name in a fields list to be empty (#178)
  • csv: don’t validate fields count in skipped lines (#177)

hledger 0.23 (2014/5/1)


Changes since 0.22.2:

Journal format:

  • A # (hash) in column 0 is now also supported for starting a top-level journal comment, like Ledger.
  • The “too many missing amounts” error now reminds about the 2-space rule.
  • Fix: . (period) is no longer parsed as a valid amount.
  • Fix: default commodity directives no longer limit the maximum display precision (#169).
  • Fix: + before an amount is no longer parsed as part of the commodity (#181).


  • Command-line help cleanups, layout improvements.
  • Descriptions are shown for known add-ons in the command list.
  • Command aliases have been simplified.
  • Add-ons can now have any of these file extensions: none, hs, lhs, pl, py, rb, rkt, sh, bat, com, exe.
  • Add-ons are displayed without their file extensions when possible.
  • Add-ons with the same name as a built-in command or alias are ignored.
  • Fix: add-on detection and invocation now works on windows.
  • Fix: add-ons with digits in the name are now found.
  • Fix: add-on arguments containing a single quote now work.
  • Fix: when – is used to hide add-on options from the main program, it is no longer passed through as an add-on argument.


  • An accounts command has been added, similar to Ledger’s, for listing account names in flat or hierarchical mode.


  • Tab completion now works at all prompts, and will insert the default if the input area is empty.
  • Account and amount defaults are more robust and useful.
  • Transactions may also be completed by the enter key, when there are no more default postings.
  • Input prompts are displayed in a different colour when supported.


  • Balance reports in flat mode now always show exclusive (subaccount-excluding) balances.
  • Balance reports in flat mode with –depth now aggregate deeper accounts at the depth limit instead of excluding them.
  • Multicolumn reports in flat mode now support –drop.
  • Multicolumn balance reports can now show the account hierarchy with –tree.
  • Multicolumn report start/end dates are adjusted to encompass the displayed report periods, so the first and last periods are “full” and comparable to the others.
  • Fix: zero-balance leaf accounts below a non-zero-balance parent are no longer always shown (#170).
  • Fix: multicolumn reports now support –date2 (cf #174).

balancesheet, cashflow, incomestatement:

  • These commands now support –flat and –drop.


  • Tag queries (tag:) will now match a transaction if any of its postings match.


  • The –display option has been dropped. To see an accurate running total which includes the prior starting balance, use –historical/-H (like balance).
  • With a report interval, report start/end dates are adjusted to encompass the displayed periods, so the first and last periods are “full” and comparable to the others.
  • Fix: –date2 now works with report intervals (fixes #174).


  • The currency/commodity query prefix (sym:) has been renamed to cur:.
  • Currency/commodity queries are applied more strongly in register and balance reports, filtering out unwanted currencies entirely. Eg hledger balance cur:‘\$’ now reports only the dollar amounts even if there are multi-currency transactions or postings.
  • Amount queries like amt:N, amt:<N and amt:>N, where N is not 0, now do an unsigned comparison of the amount and N. That is, they compare the absolute magnitude. To do a signed comparison instead, write N with its sign (eg amt:+N, amt:<+N, amt:>-N).
  • Fix: amount queries no longer give false positives on multi-commodity amounts.


  • Default report dates now derive from the secondary dates when –date2 is in effect.
  • Default report dates now notice any posting dates outside the transaction dates’ span.
  • Debug output improvements.
  • New add-on example: extra/hledger-rewrite.hs, adds postings to matched entries.
  • Compatible with GHC 7.2 (#155) - GHC 7.8, shakespeare 2

hledger-web 0.23 (2014/5/1)

Changes since 0.22.8:

  • The –static-root flag has been renamed to –file-url.
  • hledger-web now builds with Cabal’s default -O, not -O2, so may be a little quicker/less memory-hungry to install.

hledger-web 0.22.8 (2014/4/29)

  • allow shakespeare 2.* (#179)

hledger-web 0.22.7 (2014/4/17)

  • add Peter Simons’ patch fixing Data.Conduit.Network HostIPv4 error (#171)

hledger-web 0.22.6 (2014/4/16)

  • depend on hledger[-lib] 0.22.2

hledger 0.22.2 (2014/4/16)

  • display years before 1000 with four digits, not three
  • avoid pretty-show to build with GHC < 7.4
  • allow text 1.1, drop data-pprint to build with GHC 7.8.x

hledger-web 0.22.5 (2014/4/15)

  • allow http-client 0.3.*, fixing cabal install again with GHC ⇐ 7.6 (not yet 7.8)
  • use pretty-show only with GHC 7.4+, fixing GHC 7.2 (fixes #155)
  • allow warp 2.1, fixing cabal install

2014/2/10 hledger-web 0.22.4

  • web: include the right unminified version of jquery.url.js (1.1) to avoid js breakage

2014/2/10 hledger-web 0.22.3

  • web: fix version number reported by –version

2014/2/10 hledger-web 0.22.2


  • web: new option --static-root to set the base url for static files


  • web: include unminified source of all javascript to help packagers (fixes #161)
  • web: work around clang-related build failures with OS X mavericks/XCode 5
  • web: allow blaze-html 0.7 (closes #159)

2014/1/6 hledger 0.22.1

  • require the latest pretty-show so hledger installation no longer needs an upgraded version of happy, and the docs build on hackage
  • require regex-tdfa directly instead of regex-compat-tdfa, simplifying Debian packaging

2013/12/13 hledger 0.22


  • balance: with a reporting interval (monthly, yearly etc.), the balance command will now show a multi-column report, showing either the per-period changes in balance (by default), the period ending balances starting from zero (--cumulative), or the actual period ending balances (--historical). A more detailed specification of the balance command’s behaviour has been added to Hledger.Cli.Balance.
  • csv: rules files can now include other rules files, useful for factoring out common rules
  • queries: sym:REGEXP matches commodity symbols
  • register: --average/-A shows a running average, like ledger
  • in period expressions, - (hyphen) can be used as a more compact synonym for from and to. Eg: -p 2012/12/1-2013/2/1 or date:aug-.
  • the add-on script examples in extra/ have been updated; get the hledger source and add …/hledger/extra/ to your PATH to make them available. They include:
    • hledger-accountnames.hs - print account names
    • hledger-balance-csv.hs - print a balance report as CSV
    • hledger-equity.hs - print an entry matching all account balances (like ledger)
    • hledger-print-unique.hs - print only journal entries unique descriptions
    • hledger-register-csv.hs - print a register report as CSV


  • balancesheet: now shows just assets and liabilities, not equity
  • print: comment positions (same line or next line) are now preserved
  • queries: amt now uses the = operator by default, eg amt:50 is equivalent to amt:=50
  • command line processing has been overhauled and made more consistent, and now has tests and debug output. More flags now work both before and after COMMAND: -f, --rule-file, --alias, --help, --debug, --version. Command line help, command aliases, API docs and code have been improved.
  • --debug now takes an optional numeric argument to set the debug level higher than 1, for more verbose debug output in a few cases.


  • csv: CSV data containing non-ascii characters is now supported
  • build with latest versions of dependencies (text, warp, http-conduit etc.)

Release contributors:

Marko Kocić, Max Bolingbroke, and a big welcome to first-time committer John Wiegley! :)

2013/7/10 hledger-web 0.21.3

  • drop yesod-platform dependency, it is not worthwhile. The other yesod dependencies are currently without version ranges, so cabal install might require –constraint to restrict them in some cases.

2013/6/23 hledger 0.21.3

  • csv: fix wrong application of multiple assignments in a conditional block

2013/6/4 hledger 0.21.2

  • web: fix a build failure

2013/6/3 hledger 0.21.1

  • web: show proper Y-values in register chart (fixes #122)
  • web: avoid trailing commas in register chart values, in case of trouble with IE

2013/6/1 hledger 0.21

Bugs fixed:

  • parsing: don’t fail when a csv amount has trailing whitespace (fixes #113)
  • web: don’t show prices in the accounts sidebar (fixes #114)
  • web: show one line per commodity in charts. Needs more polish, but fixes #109.
  • web: bump yesod-platform dependency to avoid a cabal install failure

Journal reading:

  • balance assertions are now checked after reading a journal

web command:

  • web: support/require yesod 1.2
  • web: show zero-balance accounts in the sidebar (fixes #106)
  • web: use nicer select2 autocomplete widgets in the add form

Documentation and infrastructure:

  • add basic cabal test suites for hledger-lib and hledger

2013/5/4 hledger

  • web: require at least version 1.1.7 of yesod-core to avoid a potential build error
  • Update the bug tracker and source repository links on hackage

2013/5/1 hledger 0.20

Bugs fixed:

  • balance: a 0.19 regression which showed wrong total balance with --flat has been fixed (#94)
  • register: when --date2 is used, the register is now sorted by the secondary date
  • web: some missing static & template files have been added to the package, fixing cabal-dev and hackage builds (#97, #98)
  • web: some hardcoded static urls have been fixed
  • Dependencies and code have been updated to support the latest libraries and GHC versions. For now, hledger requires GHC 7.2+ and hledger-web requires GHC 7.4+.

Journal reading:

  • DOS-style line-endings are now also supported in journal and rules files.
  • ! is now accepted in the status field as well as *, like ledger
  • The actual date and effective date terminology has changed to primary date and secondary date. Use --date2 to select the secondary date for reports. (--aux-date or --effective are also accepted for ledger and backwards compatibility).
  • Per-posting dates are supported, using hledger tags or ledger’s posting date syntax
  • Comment and tag handling has been improved

CSV reading:

  • CSV conversion rules have a simpler, more flexible syntax. Existing rules files will need to be updated manually:
    • the filename is now FILE.csv.rules instead of FILE.rules
    • FIELD-field N is now FIELD %N+1 (or set them all at once with a fields rule)
    • base-currency is now currency
    • base-account is now account1
    • account-assigning rules: add if before the list of regexps, add indented account2 before the account name
  • parenthesised amounts are parsed as negative


  • Use code: to match the transaction code (check number) field
  • Use amt: followed by <, = or > and a number N to match amounts by magnitude. Eg amt:<0 or amt:=100. This works only with single-commodity amounts (multi-commodity amounts are always matched).
  • tag: can now match (exact, case sensitive) tag values. Eg tag:TAG=REGEXP.

add comand:

  • Transaction codes and comments (which may contain tags) can now be entered, following a date or amount respectively. (#45)
  • The current entry may be restarted by entering < at any prompt. (#47)
  • Entries are displayed and confirmed before they are written to the journal.
  • Default values may be specified for the first entry by providing them as command line arguments.
  • Miscellaneous UI cleanups

register command:

  • The --related/-r flag shows the other postings in each transaction, like ledger.
  • The --width/-w option increases or sets the output width.

web command:

  • The web command now also starts a browser, and auto-exits when unused, by default (“local ui mode”). With --server, it keeps running and logs requests to the console (“server mode”).
  • Bootstrap is now used for styling and layout
  • A favicon is served
  • The search field is wider
  • yesod devel is now supported; it uses $LEDGER_FILE or ~/.hledger.journal
  • the blaze_html_0_5 build flag has been reversed and renamed to blaze_html_0_4


  • The hledger-interest and hledger-irr commands have been released/updated.
  • hledger-chart and hledger-vty remain unmaintained and deprecated.

Documentation and infrastructure:

  • The hledger docs and website have been reorganised and updated
  • Manuals for past releases are provided as well as the latest dev version
  • hledger has moved from darcs and darcs hub to git and github (!)
  • The bug tracker has moved from google code to github
  • Feature requests and project planning are now managed on trello
  • A build bot builds against multiple GHC versions on each commit

Release contributors:

  • Sascha Welter commissioned register enhancements (–related and –width)
  • David Patrick contributed a bounty for add enhancements
  • Joachim Breitner added support for ! in status field
  • Xinruo Sun provided hledger-web build fixes
  • Peter Simons provided hledger-web build fixes, and a build bot
  • Marko Kocić provided hledger-web fixes

2012/11/24 hledger-web 0.19.3

  • web: fix “ no parse” errors with GHC >= 7.6
  • web & lib refactoring

2012/11/16 hledger-web 0.19

  • builds with yesod 1.1.3
  • obeys command-line query options at startup again
  • the autogenerated session file is now a dot file (.hledger-webclientsession.aes)

2012/11/16 hledger 0.19.1

  • 87: fix an arithmetic and transaction balancing bug with multiple total-priced amounts ( @@ PRICE )
  • parsing: ignore ledger-style balance assertions ( = BAL ) and fixed lot price declarations ( {= PRICE} )

2012/10/21 hledger 0.19

  • hledger, hledger-lib: support GHC 7.6 and latest cmdargs, haskeline, split
  • balance report no longer has an O(n^2) slowdown with large numbers of accounts, and is generally more speedy. Benchmark on a 2010 macbook:

hledger-0.18 hledger-0.19 ledger
-f data/100x100x10.journal balance 0.21 0.07 0.09
-f data/1000x1000x10.journal balance 10.13 0.47 0.62
-f data/1000x10000x10.journal balance 40.67 0.67 1.01
-f data/10000x1000x10.journal balance 15.01 3.22 2.36
-f data/10000x1000x10.journal balance aa 4.77 4.40 2.33
  • build version is set with CPP instead of cabal-file-th

2012/7/7 hledger 0.18.2

  • web: fix compilation error with -fblazehtml0_5 flag
  • bump base lower bound to 4.3 to enforce GHC 7 requirement

2012/6/29 hledger 0.18.1

  • register, print: fix reverse ordering of same-day transactions
  • balance: respect all query terms, not just acct
  • combine command-line flags like –depth properly with non-flag query patterns
  • web: don’t auto-create a missing journal file at startup
  • stats: list included journal files
  • support tilde (~) in journal and rules file paths
  • expose more utilities from CsvReader
  • remove ensureRulesFile debug trace

2012/5/29 hledger 0.18

  • web: hledger-web is now based on yesod 1.0
  • web: fix js error breaking second use of add form (#72)
  • web: make yesod devel work
  • the command-line now supports a more powerful query language, consistent with the web UI
  • hledger now fully supports tags (aka metadata) on both transactions and postings, and querying by tag or tag value
  • new commands incomestatement, balancesheet, and cashflow provide basic financial statements under certain conditions
  • format conversion is now done on demand, and the convert command has been dropped. So instead of hledger convert FILE.csv just do hledger -f FILE.csv print or any other command. You can also pipe any supported format into hledger -f- CMD and hledger will try to do the right thing.
  • support for GHC 6.12 has been dropped; this release has been tested with GHC 7.0.4, 7.2.2, and 7.4.1
  • unicode is now handled properly on all supported GHC versions
  • API and internal cleanups

2012/3/3 hledger-web 0.17.1

  • set more upper bounds to fix cabal install issues with latest packages

2012/2/1 hledger 0.17

  • support HP 2011.4.0.0
  • support and require cmdargs 0.9
  • allow non-threaded builds, supporting more debian architectures
  • parsing: give a clearer error when journal file path contains ~
  • parsing: -B/–cost now ignores P historical prices, like ledger
  • parsing: inferred amounts now use the cost commodity if known, like ledger (#69)
  • balance: report differently-priced lots in an account as a single amount, like ledger
  • web: support and require yesod >= 0.9.4
  • web: use the main aeson package again
  • web: fix a regression with dollar signs in hamlet templates
  • web: add form allowed blank account names (#81)
  • chart, vty: hledger-chart and hledger-vty demoted to non-maintained extras for now

2011/10/26 hledger-web 0.16.5

  • web: fix a ghc 6.12 incompatibility in Settings.hs

2011/10/24 hledger-web 0.16.4

  • web: yet another cabal install fix, fix AppConfig name clash

2011/10/4 hledger-web 0.16.3

  • web: another cabal install fix, disable favicon.ico since it’s not easily embeddable

2011/10/4 hledger-web 0.16.2

  • web: more cabal install fixes (remove bad path, add routes and models) (#63)

2011/10/4 hledger 0.16.1

  • parsing: show correct line number for posting parse errors (#67)
  • web: declare static files as extra-source-files to fix cabal install (#63)
  • web: add a threaded flag for debian (#68)
  • web: fewer build warnings by default

2011/10/1 hledger 0.16


  • cli: strip the – when calling add-on commands, so their options work (#64)
  • cli: hledger ADDON –version now shows add-on command’s version
  • cli: only the add and web commands auto-create the journal file
  • cli: give a non-confusing error if LEDGER_FILE contains a literal tilde
  • add: clearer prompts, more validation, use . to end also
  • add: use unix line endings consistently, avoiding parse error on windows (#51)
  • add: avoid excess whitespace between transactions (#46)
  • balance: ledger compatibility fix: don’t elide parent accounts with multiple displayed subaccounts
  • convert: always order converted transactions by date
  • convert: rename currency → base-currency, in-field, out-field → amount-in-field, amount-out-field
  • convert: give an error, not a zero when date or amount-in-field/amount-out-field parsing fails
  • register: show more useful range of intervals with –empty and a query pattern
  • print, web: always show both dates, ignoring –effective (#42)
  • web: production builds (the default with cabal) have all web content embedded (dev builds use ./static/) (#63)
  • web: update to yesod 0.9
  • web: obey at least some of the general reporting options, like –cost
  • web: adjust the default base url when a custom port is specified
  • web: prevent an infinite redirect when custom base url has a trailing slash
  • web: fix “not:‘multi word’” patterns
  • web: hide old title and search form when adding/editing
  • web: adjust –help to indicate command-line arguments are not expected
  • web: don’t bother running cli unit tests at startup

2011/9/12 hledger 0.15.2, hledger-web 0.15.3

  • handle multiple filter patterns on the command-line again
  • don’t pass an add-on command’s name to it as an extra argument
  • don’t give a confusing error with -f and no command
  • fix a regression balancing a transaction containing different prices
  • web: fix journal edit form
  • web: fix wrong transaction amount in account register with virtual postings
  • web: fix some invalid html

2011/9/2 hledger 0.15.1, hledger-web 0.15.2


  • fix a parsec 2 incompatibility
  • web: add missing Hledger.Web.Options to cabal file
  • web: tighten up dependencies to reduce build problems

2011/9/1 hledger 0.15


  • hledger’s options are now modal, providing better help (using cmdargs)
  • hledger now lists and runs any hledger-* add-ons found in the user’s path
  • case insensitivity of filter patterns has been fixed
  • parsing: alias/end aliases directives, for renaming accounts, are supported, like ledger’s but a bit more powerful; also an --alias option for renaming on the fly
  • parsing: the account directive now preserves posting type (normal/virtual/balanced virtual)
  • parsing: the pop directive is supported as an alias for end tag, like ledger
  • parsing: P (historical price) directives can contain a (ignored) numeric time zone, like ledger
  • parsing: the leading ! in directives is now optional and deprecated, like ledger
  • parsing: entries with a negative amount in the first posting now infer the correct balancing amount
  • parsing: bad date checking is more accurate
  • balance: collapsing of boring accounts to one line can be disabled with --no-elide
  • balance: fix a wrong precision regression from last release
  • convert: standard input can be converted
  • convert: an alternate rules file can be specified with --rules
  • convert: account2-field can be used when the CSV file specifies both accounts
  • convert: description-field can have a custom format and combine multiple CSV fields
  • convert: in-field and out-field support CSV files that use two amount columns
  • convert: don’t fail when there’s no default journal file
  • web: the web interface has been overhauled/cleaned up
  • web: account register views are now transaction-based, like gnucash etc., and show accurate historical balances when possible
  • web: simple balance charts are displayed (using flot)
  • web: more expressive and consistent search patterns, using a new matching engine
  • web: add form uses currently focussed account as default, redirects to itself, formats status messages better
  • web: sidebar now shows empty/boring accounts too
  • web: now uses warp and a newer yesod
  • api simplifications
  • importable Hledger, Hledger.Web, Hledger.Vty and Hledger.Chart modules
  • the basic reports are now provided by hledger-lib for easier reuse
  • new api use examples: equity.hs, uniquify.hs
  • some old base 3 support has been dropped
  • the old -s flag has been dropped

2011/4/22 hledger 0.14


  • remove the specific process dependency that caused too many cabal install problems
  • treat arguments as possibly-encoded platform strings, do not assume UTF-8
  • hledger now always reads and writes data as UTF-8, ignoring the system locale (#34)
  • look at the LEDGERFILE env var for the journal path, otherwise LEDGER, like ledger * handle a blank LEDGERFILE or LEDGER value more gracefully (use the default file path)
  • the default journal file path is now ~/.hledger.journal, to avoid breaking mac filevault (#41)
  • amounts with different prices are now aggregated, like ledger
  • zero amounts now have no sign or commodity, like ledger
  • parsing: assume current year when transaction dates have no year and there is no default year
  • parsing: more careful validation of eg leap years in transaction dates
  • parsing: better international number format support, allowing comma as decimal point and flexible digit groups (#32)
  • parsing: support @@ syntax specifying total price
  • parsing: infer the conversion price in transactions involving two unpriced commodities
  • parsing: support per-posting cleared status
  • parsing: more reporting interval syntax: biweekly, bimonthly, every N days/weeks/months/quarters/years, every Nst/nd/rd/th day of month/week
  • add: avoid offering account names for completion in inappropriate contexts
  • add: remember default account even if user submits a different amount.
  • convert: account-field directive specifies a field containing the base account name
  • convert: effective-date-field directive specifies a field containing the effective date
  • convert: date-format directive specifies custom date formats
  • convert: allow amount fields containing “AMT @@ PRICE”
  • histogram: honour the specified start or end dates
  • print: don’t show a trailing space when description is blank
  • web: allow filter patterns with spaces if quoted, like command line
  • web: make edit form more cross-browser compatible, fixing it in firefox (#38)
  • web: move hidden add/edit/import forms below main content to help text-mode browsers a bit (#33)

Release contributors: Simon Michael, Dmitry Astapov, Eric Kow, Max Bolingbroke, Omari Norman. Stats: 137 days, 113 commits, 11 end-user features and 15 end-user bugfixes since last release. 189 unit & functional tests and 59% unit test coverage (hledger, hledger-lib packages). 5540 lines of code (all packages).

2010/12/6 hledger 0.13


  • move web, vty, chart commands into separate hledger-web, hledger-vty, hledger-chart packages. This both simplifies (no more build flags) and complicates (more room for dependency hassles), but I hope overall it will be easier and more scalable.
  • all packages but chart are now marked “beta”, ie “not finished but suitable for everyday use”
  • parsing: ledger compatibility: support D default commodity directive
  • parsing: ledger compatibility: ignore metadata tags on transactions and postings
  • parsing: ledger compatibility: ignore cleared flags at the start of postings
  • parsing: ledger compatibility: ignore C commodity conversion directives
  • parsing: price precisions no longer affect commodities’ display precisions
  • add: readline-style editing
  • add: tab-completion for account names
  • add: add the default commodity, if any, to commodity-less amounts (#26)
  • add: misc. commodity/precision/defaults-related bugfixes
  • chart: give a meaningful error message for empty journals
  • chart: update for current Chart lib (0.14)
  • web: support files now live in ./.hledger/web/ and will be auto-created at startup
  • web: page layout is more robust with wide content
  • web: allow editing of included files
  • web: handle multiple filter patterns correctly
  • web: allow single- or double-quoted filter patterns containing spaces
  • web: update for current yesod lib (0.6.*)
  • transaction balancing is now based on display precision (#23)
  • briefer, more informative usage error messages

2010/9/6 hledger 0.12.1


  • web: fix account filtering breakage
  • installing: tighten up utf8-string dependency

2010/9/5 hledger 0.12

  • web: new, better web ui; accounts are now a permanent sidebar; add form uses auto-completing combo fields
  • installing: fix a build error with parsec 3 (#22)
  • installing: require exactly matching hledger-lib version for more robust builds
  • installing: explicit data-object dependency to ensure hledger and hledger-lib use the same time version
  • installing: explicit hamlet dependency for more robust building
  • installing: build threaded and with warnings
  • installing: drop -fweb610 flag
  • installing: add gtk2hs-buildtools dependency needed to build with -fchart
  • installing: require cabal 1.6 or greater
  • add -D/–daily flag
  • register: with –depth, clip account names or aggregate postings rather than excluding them
  • fix !include with deeply nested directories (#21)
  • fix obscured date parse errors with parsec 3
  • handle unicode better in errors
  • fix a ghc 6.12.3 error when running interpreted

Stats: 50 days and 90 commits since last release, now at 5741 lines of code with 136 tests and 41% unit test coverage.

2010/07/17 hledger 0.11.1

  • fix –version output

2010/07/17 hledger 0.11


  • split –help, adding –help-options and –help-all/-H, and make it the default command
  • use “journal” instead of “ledger file”; default suffix is .journal, default file is \~/.journal
  • auto-create missing journal files rather than giving an error
  • new format-detecting file reader (mixed journal transactions and timelog entries are no longer supported)
  • work around for first real-world rounding issue (test zero to 8 decimal places instead of 10)
  • when reporting a balancing error, convert the error amount to cost
  • parsing: support double-quoted commodity symbols, containing anything but a newline or double quote
  • parsing: allow minus sign before commodity symbol as well as after (also fixes a convert bug)
  • parsing: fix wrong parse error locations within postings
  • parsing: don’t let trailing whitespace in a timelog description mess up account names
  • add: allow blank descriptions
  • balance: –flat provides a simple non-hierarchical format
  • balance: –drop removes leading account name components from a
    1. -flat report
    • print, register, balance: fix layout issues with

    mixed-commodity amounts

  • print: display non-simple commodity names with double-quotes
  • stats: layout tweaks, add payee/description count
  • stats: don’t break on an empty file
  • stats: -p/–period support; a reporting interval generates multiple reports
  • test: drop verbose test runner and testpack dependency
  • web: a new web ui based on yesod, requires ghc 6.12; old ghc 6.10-compatible version remains as -fweb610
  • web: allow wiki-like journal editing
  • web: warn and keep running if reloading the journal gives an error
  • web: –port and –base-url options set the webserver’s tcp port and base url
  • web: slightly better browser opening on microsoft windows, should find a standard firefox install now
  • web: in a web-enabled build on microsoft windows, run the web ui by default

Stats: 55 days and 136 commits since last release. Now at 5552 lines of code with 132 tests and 54% unit test coverage.

2010/05/23 hledger 0.10


  • fix too-loose testpack dependency, missing safe dependency
  • fix ghc 6.12 compatibility with -fweb
  • fix handling of non-ascii arguments with ghc 6.12
  • fix “0.8” in –version output
  • fix an occasional stack overflow error due to infinite recursion in Posting/Transaction equality tests
  • the -fwebhappstack build flag is gone for now, to avoid a cabal problem
  • parsing: if there is no description, don’t require a space after the transaction date
  • parsing: balance balanced-virtual postings separately, allow them to have an implicit amount
  • parsing: timelog entries now generate balanced transactions, using virtual postings
  • parsing: simpler high-level parse error message
  • parsing: clearer bad date errors
  • add: fix wrongful program exit on bad dates
  • print: negative account patterns now exclude transactions containing any posting to a matched account
  • vty: rename the ui command to vty for consistency
  • vty: fix restricted account scope when backing up to top level
  • web: fix non-ascii handling with ghc 6.12
  • web: fix a bug possibly affecting reload-on-change
  • consolidate module namespace under Hledger, api cleanups

Stats: 44 days, 81 commits since last release. Now at 4904 lines of code including tests, 144 tests, 53% coverage.

2010/04/10 hledger 0.9


  • ghc 6.12 support
  • split off hledger-lib package, containing core types & utils
  • parsing: ignore D, C, N, tag, end tag directives; we should now accept any ledger 2.6 file
  • parsing: allow numbers in commodities if double-quoted, like ledger
  • parsing: allow transactions with empty descriptions
  • parsing: show a better error for illegal month/day numbers in dates
  • parsing: don’t ignore trailing junk in a smart date, eg in web add form
  • parsing: don’t ignore unparsed text following an amount
  • parsing: @ was being treated as a currency symbol
  • add: fix precision handling in default amounts (#19)
  • add: elide last amount in added transactions
  • convert: keep original description by default, allow backreferences in replace pattern
  • convert: basic csv file checking, warn instead of dying when it looks wrong
  • convert: allow blank/comment lines at end of rules file
  • print: always show zero amounts as 0, hiding any commodity/decimal places/price, like ledger
  • register: fix bad layout with years < 1000
  • register: fix a Prelude.head error with reporting interval,
    1. -empty, and –depth
    • register: fix a regression, register should not show posting


  • register: with –empty, intervals should continue to ends of the specified period
  • stats: better output when last transaction is in the future
  • stats: show commodity symbols, account tree depth, reorder slightly
  • web: -fweb now builds with simpleserver; to get happstack, use
    1. fwebhappstack instead
    • web: pre-fill the add form with today’s date
    • web: help links, better search form wording
    • web: show a proper error for a bad date in add form (#17)
    • web: fix for unicode search form values
    • web: fix stack overflow caused by regexpr, and handle requests

    faster (#14)

  • web: look for more-generic browser executables
  • web: more robust browser starting (#6)
  • error message cleanups
  • more tests, refactoring, docs

Stats: 58 days, 2 contributors, 102 commits since last release. Now at 3983 lines of non-test code, 139 tests, 53% coverage.

2010/02/11 hledger 0.8


  • parsing: in date=date2, use first date’s year as a default for the second
  • add: ctrl-d doesn’t work on windows, suggest ctrl-c instead
  • add: –no-new-accounts option disallows new accounts (Roman Cheplyaka)
  • add: re-use the previous transaction’s date as default (Roman Cheplyaka)
  • add: a command-line argument now filters by account during history matching (Roman Cheplyaka)
  • chart: new command, generates balances pie chart (requires
    1. fchart flag, gtk2hs) (Roman Cheplyaka, Simon Michael)
    • register: make reporting intervals honour a display expression


  • web: fix help link
  • web: use today as default when adding with a blank date
  • web: re-enable account/period fields, they seem to be fixed, along with file re-reading (#16)
  • web: get static files from the cabal data dir, or the current dir when using make (#13)
  • web: preserve encoding during add, assuming it’s utf-8 (#15)
  • fix some non-utf8-aware file handling (#15)
  • filter ledger again for each command, not just once at program start
  • refactoring, clearer data types

Stats: 62 days, 2 contributors, 76 commits since last release. Now at 3464 lines of non-test code, 97 tests, 53% test coverage.

2009/12/11 hledger 0.7


  • price history support (first cut): P directives now work, though differently from ledger. Each posting amount takes its fixed unit price from the price history (or @) when available. This is simple and useful for things like foreign currency expenses (but not investment tracking). Like ledger, balance and register don’t show amount prices any more, and don’t separate differently-priced amounts. Unlike ledger, print shows all amount prices, and supports -B.
  • –effective option, will use transactions’ effective dates if any
  • convert: new rules file format, find/create rules file automatically, more robust parsing, more useful –debug output
  • print: always sort by date, fix long account name truncation, align amounts, show end of line comments, show all amounts for clarity (don’t elide the final balancing amount)
  • ui: use vty 4, fixes non-ascii and gnome terminal problems (issues #3, #4)
  • web: allow data entry, react to data file changes, better layout, help links, remove histogram command and filter fields for now, fix bad localhost redirect, filter form did not work in eg firefox (issue #7), reset link did not work in all browsers
  • parsing: require whitespace between date and status code, allow (and ignore) a time in price records, better error messages, non-zero exit code on parse failure
  • display non-ascii error messages properly (issue #5)
  • fix an arithmetic bug that occasionally rejected valid transactions
  • fix a regex bug in showtree
  • don’t break if HOME is undefined
  • –debug now implies –verbose
  • add functional tests like ledger’s, use test-framework for speedy running, release shelltestrunner as a separate package
  • many hlint cleanups (Marko Kocić)
  • many site and documentation updates

Stats: 60 days, 1 contributor, 50 commits since last release. Now at 3377 lines of non-test code, 97 tests, 53% test coverage.

2009/06/22 hledger 0.6.1


  • avoid use of exitSuccess which was breaking ghc 6.8/base 3 compatibility (issue #2)

2009/06/13 hledger 0.6


  • now cabal-installable on unix, mac, and windows, with Haskell Platform
  • provide experimental platform binaries
  • parsing: fix a silly failure to open ledger file paths containing \~
  • parsing: show better errors for unbalanced transaction and missing default year
  • parsing: allow parentheses and brackets inside account names, as ledger does
  • parsing: fail on empty account name components, don’t just ignore
  • add: description passed as arguments now affects first transaction only
  • add: better handling of virtual postings and default amounts
  • print, register: show virtual accounts bracketed/parenthesised
  • web: improved web ui supporting full patterns & period expressions
  • new “stats” command reports some ledger statistics
  • many dev/doc/deployment infrastructure improvements
  • move website into darcs repo, update home page
  • move issue tracker to google code

Release stats:

  • Contributors: Simon Michael
  • Days since last release: 21
  • Commits: 94
  • Lines of non-test code: 2865
  • Tests: 82
  • Test coverage: 53% expressions
  • Known errors: 3 (inconsistent eliding, vty-related failures)

2009/05/23 hledger 0.5.1

  • two fixes: really disable vty flag by default, and include ConvertCommand in cabal file

2009/05/23 hledger 0.5


  • the vty flag is disabled by default again, to ease installation on windows
  • use ledger 3 terminology: a ledger contains transactions which contain postings
  • new “add” command prompts for transactions interactively and adds them to the ledger
  • new “convert” command transforms bank CSV exports to ledger format, with rule-based cleanup
  • new “histogram” command shows transaction counts per day or other reporting interval
  • most commands now work properly with UTF8-encoded text (Sergey Astanin)
  • invoking as “hours” is now less different: it just uses your timelog, not your ledger
  • ..quarterly/-Q option summarises by quarter
  • ..uncleared/-U option looks only at uncleared transactions
  • be more accurate about checking balanced amounts, don’t rely on display precision
  • enforce balancing for bracketed virtual postings
  • fix bug in eliding of posting amounts
  • don’t show trailing spaces on amountless postings
  • parse null input as an empty ledger
  • don’t treat comments as part of transaction descriptions
  • require some postings in ledger transactions
  • require a non-empty description in ledger transactions
  • don’t fail when matching an empty pattern, as in “not:”
  • make the web server handle the null path
  • code, api and documentation updates
  • add a contributor agreement/list

Release stats:

  • Contributors: Simon Michael, Sergey Astanin
  • Days since last release: 51
  • Commits: 101
  • Lines of non-test code: 2795
  • Tests: 76
  • Known errors: 0

2009/04/03 hledger 0.4


  • new “web” command serves reports in a web browser (install with
    1. f happs to build this)
    • make the vty-based curses ui a cabal build option, which will

    be ignored on MS windows

  • drop the ..options-anywhere flag, that is now the default
  • patterns now use not: and desc: prefixes instead of \^ and \^\^
  • patterns are now case-insensitive, like ledger
  • !include directives are now relative to the including file (Tim Docker)
  • “Y2009” default year directives are now supported, allowing m/d dates in ledger
  • individual transactions now have a cleared status
  • unbalanced entries now cause a proper warning
  • balance report now passes all ledger compatibility tests
  • balance report now shows subtotals by default, like ledger 3
  • balance report shows the final zero total when -E is used
  • balance report hides the final total when is used
  • ..depth affects print and register reports (aggregating with a reporting interval, filtering otherwise)
  • register report sorts transactions by date
  • register report shows zero-amount transactions when -E is used
  • provide more convenient timelog querying when invoked as “hours”
  • multi-day timelog sessions are split at midnight
  • unterminated timelog sessions are now counted. Accurate time reports at last!
  • the test command gives better ..verbose output
  • ..version gives more detailed version numbers including patchlevel for dev builds
  • new make targets include: ghci, haddocktest, doctest, unittest, view-api-docs
  • a doctest-style framework for functional/shell tests has been added

Release stats:

  • Contributors: Simon Michael, Tim Docker; thanks to the HAppS, happstack and testpack developers
  • Days since release: 76
  • Commits: 144
  • Lines of non-test code: 2367
  • Tests: 56
  • Known errors: 0

2009/01/17 hledger 0.3


  • count timelog sessions on the day they end, like ledger, for now
  • when options are repeated, use the last instead of the first
  • builds with ghc 6.10 as well as 6.8
  • a simple ui for interactive report browsing: hledger ui
  • accept smart dates everywhere (YYYYMMDD, Y/M/D, Y, M/D, D, jan, today, last week etc.)
  • ..period/-p flag accepting period expressions like “in 2008”, “weekly from last month”..
  • -W/-M/-Y convenience flags to summarise register weekly, monthly, yearly
  • ..depth and -E flags also affect summarised register reports (including depth=0)
  • ..display/-d flag supporting date predicates (like “d<[DATE]”, “d>=[DATE]”)
  • !include directive to include additional ledger files
  • !account directive to set a default parent account
  • Added support for reading historical prices from files
  • timelog and ledger entries can be intermixed in one file
  • modifier and periodic entries can appear anywhere (but are still ignored)
  • help and readme improvements
  • runs much faster than 0.2

Release stats:

  • Contributors: Simon Michael, Nick Ingolia, Tim Docker; thanks to Corey O’Connor & the vty team
  • Lines of non-test code: 2123
  • Tests: 58
  • Known errors: 1

2008/11/23 hledger 0.2


  • fix balance report totals when filtering by account
  • fix balance report selection of accounts when filtering by account
  • fix a bug with account name eliding in balance report
  • if we happen to be showing a not-yet-auto-balanced entry, hide the AUTO marker
  • fix print command filtering by account
  • omit transactions with zero amount from register report
  • Fix bug in parsing of timelogs
  • rename ..showsubs to ..subtotal, like ledger
  • drop ..usage flag
  • don’t require quickcheck
  • priced amounts (eg “10h @ $50”) and ..basis/..cost/-B flag to show them with cost basis
  • easy ..depth option, equivalent to ledger’s -d ‘l⇐N’
  • smarter y/m/d date parsing for -b and -e (any number of digits, month and day default to 1, separator can be / - or .)
  • -n flag for balance command
  • ..empty/-E flag
  • build a library, as well as the exe
  • new home page url (
  • publish html and pdf versions of README
  • detect display preferences for each commodity like ledger
  • support amounts with multiple currencies/commodities
  • support ..real/-R flag
  • support -C/..cleared flag to filter by entry status (not transaction status)
  • support virtual and balanced virtual transactions
  • parse comment lines beginning with a space, as from M-; in emacs ledger-mode
  • allow any non-whitespace in account names, perhaps avoiding misleading missing amounts errors
  • clearer error message when we can’t balance an entry
  • when we fail because of more than one missing amount in an entry, show the full entry
  • document the built-in test runner in
  • add a ..verbose/-v flag, use it to show more test-running detail

Release stats:

  • Contributors: Simon Michael, Tim Docker
  • Lines of non-test code: 1350
  • Tests: 43
  • Known errors: 0

2008/10/15 hledger 0.1


Release stats:

  • Contributors: Simon Michael
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