Robust plain text accounting.

hledger is an accounting program, for tracking money, time, or other commodities. It is cross platform and released under GNU GPLv3. ...

With powerful, intuitive functionality accessible from command line, terminal or web browser, hledger is a fast, secure, dependable alternative to spreadsheets, Quickbooks, GnuCash, Xero etc.

The hledger project is led by Simon Michael. I've been building and relying on hledger since 2007. I hope you find it helpful in mastering your time and money. Welcome to the project!


What is hledger?

An enhanced, well-documented reimplementation of plain text accounting.
What is hledger ?

What is plain text accounting?

Using plain text data formats and version control for robust, transparent accounting.

What is accounting?

Tracking your use of valuable commodities, such as money or time, for increased awareness and effectiveness.
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IRC: #hledger on Freenode
Twitter: #hledger,
Reddit: /r/plaintextaccounting
Hacker News: stories, comments
Mail list: list.hledger.org, hledger@googlegroups.com
Issues: bugs.hledger.org (bugs), issues.hledger.org (all), open issues (overview)
Other: simon@joyful.com


All the ways to install hledger.

Release notes
What's new in each hledger version.

User manual
The main hledger manuals combined on one page for easy searching. Includes:

the command-line UI

a curses-style UI

a web UI

a HTTP JSON server

journal format
hledger's native file format

csv format
hledger's CSV import system

timeclock format
a file format for precise time logging

timedot format
a file format for human-friendly approximate time logging


Contributor Guide
What's to do and how to do it

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