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a lightweight, dependable, cross-platform accounting program

hledger is a computer program for easily tracking money, time, or other commodities, on unix, mac and windows. With simple yet powerful functionality accessed from command line or web browser, it is a reliable, lightweight alternative to Quicken or GnuCash. I use it for:

Free software

hledger is available under the GNU GPLv3+, which helps ensure that it will remain free and available for as long as you need it. It has been developed as a community project by Simon Michael and contributors since 2007.

inspired by Ledger

hledger was inspired by and maintains substantial compatibility with Ledger, and is part of the enthusiastic and supportive "*ledger" community.

a command-line tool, that respects your data

hledger is first a command-line tool. It follows Ledger's philosophy: your data lives in a simple, safe, plain text file which you can edit any way you wish; hledger reads that file and produces reports of various kinds, without changing your data. (It can help you add new transactions, but does not change existing ones.)

...with a web UI

hledger comes with a built-in web server providing an alternate browser-based interface (demo), for assisted data entry and point and click reporting. The web and command-line clients can be used simultaneously.

a Haskell application and library

hledger is written in Haskell, a modern and highly-regarded programming language which contributes to hledger's robustness, performance and long-term maintainability. Most functionality is exposed as reusable Haskell libraries, making it easy to write your own hledger-compatible scripts, add-ons and applications.   build status (travis)


Complete, accurate documentation is always a top priority.

comfortable for techies, usable by all

hledger aims to be useful to both computer experts and regular folks. Currently it is a bit more suited to power users, who appreciate the power of text files, revision control, scriptability and double entry accounting. The web interface helps make it accessible to GUI-only folk as well.

focussed on serving the user

hledger strives to be usable, practical and to provide real-world value. I've been depending on it and improving it since 2007. I needed a tool like this badly, and I want to keep it growing and helping others who can also benefit. You can help!

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