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Simple, precise, future-proof accounting for techies.

hledger is a lightweight accounting program for tracking money, time, or other commodities, on unix, mac and windows. With simple yet powerful functionality accessed from command line, terminal or web browser, it is a reliable, cross-platform alternative to Quicken, GnuCash, spreadsheets etc.

Step 1: Record your transactions in a plain text file (using any text editor, hledger's add command, the web interface, CSV or OFX import, custom scripts..)

Step 2: Ask hledger about your accounts, currencies, balances, monthly averages, market values and more.

You can start out very simple, and get more sophisticated as you learn more about double-entry accounting. You'll feel closer to your finances, and accounting becomes fun. Try it!

Free software

hledger is Free software released under GNU GPLv3+, which helps ensure its longevity. It has been developed by Simon Michael and contributors since 2007. license

inspired by Ledger

hledger is a Haskell reimplementation of the excellent Ledger. It remains substantially compatible with Ledger - if you wish you can keep your data compatible with both - and it is part of the enthusiastic and growing *ledger community. Read more about the differences in the FAQ.

a command-line tool, that respects your data

hledger is first a command-line tool. Your data lives in a plain text journal file which you can edit any way you wish; hledger reads that file and produces reports of various kinds, without changing your data. (It can help you add new transactions, but does not change existing ones.)

a console UI

hledger also provides a curses-style console interface that lets you review account balances and transactions with fewer keystrokes and less effort.

a web UI

hledger comes with a built-in web server providing a web interface (demo), for assisted data entry and point and click reporting. The web and command-line/curses interfaces can be used simultaneously.

a Haskell application and library

hledger is written in Haskell, a modern, highly-regarded programming language which contributes to hledger's robustness, performance and long-term maintainability. Most functionality is exposed as reusable Haskell libraries, making it easy to write your own hledger-compatible scripts, add-ons and applications.   build status (travis)

focussed on serving users

hledger strives to be usable, practical and to provide real-world value. Intuitive features, bug-free operation and complete, accurate documentation are top goals. Currently it is particularly suited to techies, ie users who appreciate the power of text files, revision control, scriptability and double entry accounting.

I've been using hledger daily and improving it since 2007. I needed a tool like this badly, and I want to keep it growing and helping others to transform their financial lives. If you feel the same way, join us!

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