Example setups

hledger and plain text accounting tools generally are highly flexible and don't impose much structure or process, which sometimes makes it a bit hard to get started. Here are some examples of file layouts, account names, workflows and routines that other users have found useful. You can try to follow one of these exactly, or simply read for ideas.

Contribute yours!

Please add your examples here. Examples aimed at beginners are especially useful. These docs are not required to be complete, reproducible, or maintained, although that is ideal. Here's a possible template:

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Last updated: DATE  

## Requirements

Tested on:    PLATFORM(S)  
Tested with:  HLEDGER VERSION  
Tools used: 
GNU make, 

## Files

`tree` output..

## Data entry / conversion

How I capture data..

## Version control

How I use version control, if any

## Accounts

Account hierarchy used, any organisational principles, how I maintain it..

## Reports

The main reports used ?

## Tasks / Workflows

How to do ..

## Routines

Recurring (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly..) workflows