Welcome to the hledger Cookbook! This complements the main hledger website and reference docs with additional how-tos, tutorials, notes, etc. Unlike the main content, it is stored in hledger's Github wiki. This means you can make quick edits via Github's web UI, without pull requests or tool setup. Please edit freely!

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Getting started

hledger basics tutorial
hledger terminology
Create a journal
hledger accounting concepts
Common journal entries
Accounting links

Managing data

Convert CSV files
Customize default CSV accounts
Track changes with version control
Use another account separator character


hledger tags tutorial
Rewrite account names

Real world setups

About real world setup docs
"Full-fledged Hledger" tutorial →
"hledger: Make It So" tutorial & slideshow →
Simons setup

Accounting tasks

hledger multicurrency tutorial
Foreign trip expenses
Budgeting and forecasting
Project accounting
Track investments
Time planning

Usage tips

Command-line completion
Editor configuration
hledger-web tips
Mobile apps
Save frequently used options

See also...

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