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hledger-specific docs are collected here. For more docs relevant to all ledger-likes, see plaintextaccounting.org.


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What is hledger?

An enhanced, well-documented rewrite of the original plain text accounting tool.
hledger intro
Frequently Asked Questions
Release notes

What is Plain Text Accounting?

Using plain text data formats and modular free software tools for robust, efficient accounting.

What is Accounting?

Tracking your use of valuable commodities, such as money or time, for increased awareness and effectiveness.
Selected accounting links


A growing collection of tutorials, how-tos and discussion of general topics.

Getting started

hledger Step by Step tutorial

Journal management

Start a journal
Track changes with version control

Account names

PTA: choosing accounts
Rewrite account names
Use another account separator character

Journal entries

Basic journal entries
Project accounting

Data entry/import

Convert CSV files


Budgeting and forecasting


Track investments


Save frequently used options
PTA: Common tasks


Reference manuals, covering every part of hledger's functionality.

Core tools

hledger is the command-line UI

hledger-ui is a curses-style UI

hledger-web is a web UI

hledger-api is a HTTP JSON server

File formats

journal format is hledger's native data format, representing an accounting journal

csv format allows hledger to read and write CSV, a common download format

timeclock format is for precise time logging with clock-in/clock-out

timedot format is for human-friendly approximate time logging

Addon tools

hledger-diff shows differences in an account's transactions between one journal file and another.

hledger-iadd is a curses-style replacement for hledger's add command.

hledger-interest generates interest transactions for an account according to various schemes.

hledger-irr calculates the internal rate of return of an investment account.

Some experimental tools:

hledger-budget.hs adds Ledger-style periodic transactions and budget reports.

hledger-check.hs checks more powerful account balance assertions.


ledger-autosync, can download, deduplicate and/or convert OFX data (includes hledger support, rename/symlink it to hledger-autosync to see it in commands list)

PTA: related tools lists all known plain text accounting helper tools